FAQ - Apply to sit for the UBE at New York

If you are planning to take the UBE in New York State, it is essential to understand the application process in order to sit for the exam.

Step 1: Review Eligibility Requirements

Before initiating the application process, familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements set by the New York State Board of Law Examiners (BOLE). Ensure you meet the educational qualifications and any additional criteria specified by the BOLE.

Step 2: Create a NCBE Number

You must have a valid NCBE Number. If you do not already have an NCBE Number, you may obtain the NCBE Number at https://auth.ncbex.org/account/create.

Step 3: Create a BOLE account

Visit the BOLE’s official website (https://portal.nybarexam.org/) and create an online account. This will grant you access to the applicant portal where you can complete and submit your application materials.

Step 4: Take Note of Application Filing Period and Bar Exam Date

Pay close attention to the application filing period (which is usually April 1-30 for July sitting; and November 1-30 for February sitting) specified by the BOLE (https://www.nybarexam.org/ExamDates/ExamDates.html). Missing the deadline can result in your application being rejected or delayed until the next exam cycle.

Step 5: Complete the Application during the Application Filing Period

Provide all the required information accurately and thoroughly in the online application form. Pay close attention to the instructions and ensure that all sections are properly filled out. Follow the guidelines provided by the BOLE regarding document submission, format, and deadlines.

As a foreign-trained lawyer planning to sit for the UBE in New York State, you must apply to the BOLE to evaluate your legal education to determine its equivalency to a U.S. law degree. Please read the website at BOLE carefully:


After you apply for a BOLE account (i.e. after Step 3 in the above FAQ), please promptly initiate the Foreign Legal Education Evaluation process with BOLE. I strongly recommend you to start the process around 1 year in advance. This is because it takes time to gather the essential documentation from your law school and send them to BOLE for evaluation.

In most cases, a full-time in-person LLB/JD graduate from a common law school (e.g. UK, Hong Kong, Australia) is able to pass the foreign legal education evaluation, and doesn’t need to complete an additional U.S. LLM in order to sit for the UBE in New York State. Your mileage may vary, so start by researching the accreditation and recognition status of the law school you attended in your home country.

If you come from Hong Kong, I am familiar with how to request for the essential documentation from law schools in Hong Kong or the Law Society of Hong Kong. Please check out my FAQ for Hong Kong Candidates, or you may reach out to my separately via the contact form on the ‘Private Tutorial’ webpage.

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