About Flash Bar Prep Study Notes (Uniform Bar Examination)

At Flash Bar Prep, I take pride in offering high-quality study notes specifically tailored for the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE). My study notes stand out for several reasons, making them the perfect resource to enhance your preparation and maximize your chances of success.

  1. Comprehensive and Exam-Focused Content: My study notes are based on countless hours of research, including an in-depth review of the NCBE syllabus and past papers, and staying updated on the latest laws. I strike the perfect balance, ensuring the study notes cover everything that is essential for the UBE without overwhelming you with unnecessary information.

  2. MBE-MEE Integrated Approach: My study notes emphasize the importance of recognizing the interconnectedness between the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE). By studying all MBE and MEE subjects concurrently, you can save time and avoid duplicating efforts.
  1. Exceptionally Concise and Memorable: Unlike other bar review courses that provide thousands of pages of material, my study notes are concise, with each subject ranging from 1 to 6 pages only. Combining all my MBE and MEE notes, they are only 50 pages. UBE is a closed book exam, so I understand that memorization is a key challenge for many students. Therefore, I summarize the information into easy-to-remember bullet points, breaking down complex concepts into simple terms.

To illustrate the power of our concise format, let’s consider the intentional tort of “Battery”. In traditional bar prep materials, you may encounter a lengthy paragraph explaining its elements as below

  • Battery is an intentional tort that encompasses harmful or offensive conduct, which is objectively unpermitted according to the reasonable person standard. It is important to note that the harm resulting from the conduct does not necessarily have to be instantaneous; rather, it can occur over a period of time. The key element in a battery claim is the contact made by the defendant towards the plaintiff’s person or anything closely connected to the plaintiff. This includes situations where the defendant’s actions result in contact with the plaintiff’s personal belongings, such as their clothes, purse, or even a dog being held on a leash by the plaintiff. It is worth mentioning that battery can also encompass indirect forms of contact, which may not involve physical touching but still cause harm or offense to the victim. For instance, pulling a chair from underneath someone or poisoning them can be considered battery, as these actions result in harmful or offensive consequences for the victim. Therefore, battery encompasses a broad range of conduct that infringes upon a person’s physical integrity and personal boundaries.

Rather, my study notes simply break it down into a concise and easily memorizable format:

  • 1. Battery
  • a. Harmful or offensive conduct objectively unpermitted to reasonable person – (the harm need not be instantaneous)
  • b. To P’s person or anything connected to P – (e.g. clothes, purse, dog with a leash holding in P’s hand)
  • c. Cause harmful or offensive contact toward V – (include indirect, e.g. pull chair, poisoning)

As you can see, my study notes excel in promoting effective memorization and understanding. I firmly believe in using plain language and simple sentence structures to ensure optimal comprehension.

To make the most of Flash Bar Prep UBE study notes, there are 2 possible options:

Option 1: Study the Notes AND attend my private tutorial lessons

  • I highly recommend this option for the most effective preparation. While my study notes are meticulously condensed for easy memorization, new readers may take some time to familiarize themselves with the abbreviation, flow, and structure. That’s where my private tutorial lessons come in. With my help, you can make the most of my notes and achieve your full potential.
  • This option is especially suitable for foreign-trained lawyers or first-time UBE takers who are unfamiliar with US law. My online tutorial lessons offer flexible scheduling, and you’ll gain access to an extensive practice question bank. I will provide personalized advice to help you improve your performance.

Option 2: Independent Study with Comprehensive Study Notes

  • If you prefer a self-directed approach, you can still solely focus on studying my concise notes. However, it’s important to note that this option requires strong self-motivation and research skills. You will need to figure out the flow and logical thinking of my notes on your own, using resources like Google to help you understand any unfamiliar abbreviations or concepts.
  • This option can be a good choice for retakers who have previously enrolled in another bar prep course and already have a background knowledge of US law. In this case, my study notes can serve as a supplement to their existing materials, helping them cross-check their understanding and boost their memorization for the closed-book exam.

Regardless of the option you choose, my study notes will play a crucial role in your UBE success. Select the approach that best suits your learning style and needs, and get ready to excel in your UBE journey.

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